"Thomas Lawrence did quite a bit of restorative work on the house and he was able to bring the quality level of the entire house up by quite a bit. Tom was very responsive and creative, solving problems as he went along with the job. I think Tom is a very unique individual. He takes pride in his work and in honoring his commitments. When Tom tells you something, you can be sure he will follow through. When you call him he returns your call promptly."

~ Linda Lucas, Homeowner

  "Everything was done in a timely manner without drama or problems. We are extremely happy with the result and with Thomas Lawrence's attention to detail to make sure everything was perfect. We would certainly recommend Thomas Lawrence Enterprises, Inc. to anyone."

~Chris Thorpe, Homeowner

"A lot of factors go into quality of work:
a. He showed up when expected.
b. He met the reality of his estimate.
c. Thomas Lawrence's input about additional designs was outstanding.

I was confident and comfortable when I selected Thomas Lawrence because of his reputation. By completion of the project I was ecstatic."

~ Richard Lynch, Homeowner


"We would like to take this opportunity to express our considerable satisfaction with the work done by Thomas Lawrence Enterprises, Inc. at our Bonita Springs residence. As a land developer and property manager in Toronto, we have been exposed to the best and the worst of construction management. We have no hesitation in stating that Thomas Lawrence Enterprises, Inc. rates at the very top."

~ Roderick W. Rice, Homeowner


"Thomas Lawrence got his knowledge from a background of craftsmanship. He has versatility, which is necessary when something goes wrong and it has to be made right… he can think on his feet. I was absolutely confident that Thomas Lawrence would meet our expectations and needs."

~ John Scola, Homeowner


"Thomas Lawrence did an excellent job in a timely fashion. Tom communicated with us very well and was always very responsive."

~Milton Harshman, Homeowner


"Thomas Lawrence was a pleasure to work with. We are very happy with his work and the finished product he delivered."

~Larry Brown, Homeowner

*Thomas Lawrence Enterprises, Inc., is available for building custom homes and remodeling in Naples, FL, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers and surrounding areas.